LED Curved Bench

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Was: $325.00
Now: $299.00
60.00 LBS
4'L x 1'3''W x 1'3''H

Product Overview

HullaBalloo Sales LED Curved Bench is perfect for your next party. Create a colorful furniture arrangement. This LED furniture is nothing like your average party furniture. Pair the LED Curved Bench with the rest of our LED furniture to create an enchanting look at your next party or event. Use it as a seating area or side table. This LED Curved bench is what you need to differentiate yourself from the rest.This LED, curved bench will create a vibrant atmosphere.

The LED light is located at the bottom of the bench. Charger and remote are included. The charge for the LED curved bench lasts up to 8 hours.

Shop HullaBalloo Sales LED Furniture for all your party rental needs!

Dimensions: 4'L x 1'3''W x 1'3''H


(No reviews yet) Write a Review