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Moonwalk Sales, Buy or Purchase a Moon Walk or Inflatable Slide from Hullaballoo

Add a Zipper Opening to Your Moon Bounce

Why would you want to add a zipper opening to the base of your moonbounce?

  • Faster Deflation Time: Fully open the zipper to allow air to quickly escape from your moonbounce.
  • Better Drying Ability: The main problem with your moonbounce or slide getting wet is the buildup of mildew inside the unit's base where water gets trapped. Many rental companies pride themselves on the cleanliness of their units but once mildew sets in, it is hard to get rid of that musty smell. Partially open the zipper while the unit is inflated to blow damp air out of the base and prevent mildew from setting in.
  • Access to the Inside of the Base: The mystery of what the condition of the inside of the unit is solved! With a zipper opening, you have better access to the internal sections of the base for cleaning and repair.

Add a Zipper for $50

Invest a small amount in a zipper opening that will make your job easier and help you keep your unit properly maintained. Add a zipper to 3 moon bounces for $100!

Zipper Features

The zipper is 3 feet long and covered with a vinyl flap and has velcro to secure it while the ride is in use.

Zipper Included!

One or more zippers are included on all slides, including the minislide and water slides!


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