Inflatable Snow Globe with Tunnel

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Was: $5,495.00
Now: $3,495.00
300.00 LBS
22'L x 17'W x 13'H

Product Overview

HullaBalloo Sales' Inflatable Snow Globe is more than your regular Inflatable. This Inflatable Snow Globe is great for outdoor events, especially for winter, themed events. Inflatable Snow Globe is excellent for a photo opportunity during the Holiday Season.

The Inflatable Snow Globe has a tunnel entrance for accessible entry and exit. The tunnel also helps from the Snow Globe losing any air. The Inflatable is airtight which means you can inflate it the globe and remove the blower without losing any air in the Snow Globe.

All of our Inflatables are ASTM Compliant. They are made of fire retardant, high-quality, commercial vinyl. All Inflatables are 100% lead-free.

The Snow Globe is lightweight, and the globe area does not have an inflatable base but has a vinyl floor. The Inflatable Snow Globe has LED light connection areas around the globe. The background image is removable with velcro so you can swap for other images.

Warranty Information

1 Year Warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review