Inflatable Soccer Darts 10

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Was: $2,195.00
Now: $1,599.00
160.00 LBS
10'L x 3'W x 10'H

Product Overview

HullaBalloo Sales' Inflatable Darts game is more than your average inflatable. It is 10 feet tall, airtight inflatable that does not need consistent air. The Inflatable Darts game comes with the velcro balls, plastic bow, and four velcro arrows. Players try and get the velcro soccer balls or arrow into a high scoring area. The player to get the most balls or arrows into the higher scoring numbered area wins! This Inflatable Darts game is excellent for outdoor events, carnivals, and corporate events.

All of our Inflatables are ASTM Compliant. They are made of fire retardant, high-quality, commercial vinyl. All Inflatables are 100% lead-free.

This Inflatable Darts game is just what you need to stand out from the rest! The inflatable will become a party favorite and an excellent investment for your party rental company.


  • 1 bow 
  • 4 velcro arrows 
  • 4 velcro balls 

Warranty Information

1 Year Warranty


(No reviews yet) Write a Review