HitLit Light Console (SGS) G2

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Was: $1,099.00
Now: $999.00
50.00 LBS

Product Overview

This HitLit Light Console takes Interactive games to a whole new level. Generation 2 version HitLit Light console, is the improved version which comes with vests and capability to be used with bow and arrows in different game versions. The HitLit has multiple applications, and you can use them in a commercial inflatable or obstacle courses, or outdoor surfaces like wood, metal, rubber or brick. Change up the classic commercial inflatable with these fun HitLit Light Console. The HitLit Light pads make sound effects and have a light function when a pad is hit or tagged to make for an even more exciting play experience.

The console comes with three pre-installed games that you can play. Play against other player or play as a team, Pick UR Light, Astro Runway or Treasure punch are three fun and competitive games everyone will love. 

Use your hands to try and tag someone using the vests or use it as a shooting game with a nerf gun or balls. Play in a team, Red vs. Blue, and see who can tag or hit the most pads.

Connect the pads to the scoreboard to keep track of the games or download the HitLit app by scanning the QR code, and you can control the system and see the score right through the app.

One HitLit Light Console G2 includes ten hand pads, ten installing patches, scoreboard, speaker, and charger. A 6-hour charge lasts for 12-hour playtime!

Be more than just a commercial inflatable business with this new and fun HitLit Light Console G2.

Features on Pads: 

  • Water Repellant 
  • Touch and Vibration Sensor 
  • 500 meters of coverage between pads and scoreboard 
  • Wireless
  • Speaker
  • Mini USB



(No reviews yet) Write a Review