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Moonwalk Sales, Buy or Purchase a Moon Walk or Inflatable Slide from Hullaballoo

About Us

We are members of the Irmo Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau. We take pride in delivering a quality product at a great price, on time.

Why would I want to buy from Hullaballoo?

  • Our inflatables are top quality at reasonable prices. We feel our designs are some of the best ones in the market, with great proportions and bright colors.
  • Our units are compliant with ASTM standards and certified in PA and NJ. Fire-resistant vinyl is used at no additional charge.
  • We deliver ontime. We will give you a realistic ship date and make every effort to ship ahead of schedule.
  • We can help you with advice on getting your business up and running and helping it to grow. We want you to succeed and we will help you get there. Check out our Startup Guide.
  • What kind of services do you provide?

  • We sell bounces and slides and other games and items to help your business.
  • We also offer information on running your inflatable business such as sample rental agreements and marketing ideas. Most of this information is free on our site and additional help is available with the purchase of an inflatable unit.
  • Web design and implementation. Click here to find out more from our webdesigners, Right Click Web Services. We can build you a site that has free hosting or deluxe hosting including your own domain name and e-mail accounts for as little as $10 a month.
  • We are currently offering the RentalPad software that you can use to help you track customers, marketing response, mileage, hours of service per unit, and other information that will help you both at tax time and when planning for the future. Click here if you are interested in this software.


    Do you only sell in the US?
    We do sell to international customers. Contact us for more details.

    Do I have to pay for the inflatable unit when I place my order?
    20% of the total purchase price is due as a deposit at the time you place your order. The remaining balance is due at the time the inflatable unit is ready to ship.

    Do you offer financing or leasing?
    Yeas and no. No, we no longer offer leasing. We have been unable to find a leasing company that gives the level of service we require for our clients and the rates quoted have not been reasonable. Leasing is a great way to expand your business but rates for a new startup will often leave the company paying more than double the original cost of the equipment over a minimum of 3 years.

    Rates are more reasonable for companies who have been in business 2 or more years and can have some tax benefits.

    If you are buying multiple units and have good credit, we can finance up to 30% of your purchase with good credit. Call us for details.


    I want a specific design or color. Will you customize a unit for me?
    Yes! We can build you a custom unit. Contact us for more details. All of our units are built to order so you can specify the colors for your unit at no extra charge.


    What will shipping cost?
    Shipping is usually around $120-$250 for a regular size unit, but it changes based on how far you are from the nearest truck terminal and what area of the country you live in. It's ofent cheapest to pick up your unit from the nearest terminal, or have your unit shipped to a business address with a loading dock. Residential delivery is the most expensive, but often the difference is onyl $25-$50. We can quote you an approximate cost before you place an order.

    Do I pay for shipping upfront?
    No. You will pay the shipping costs directly to the shipping company at the time they deliver your units. We do not take any markup on shipping- you pay actual costs directly to the shipper. If you prefer to pre-pay for shipping along with your unit, we can do that. Some games and other items require that shipping be prepaid.

    How long does shipping take?
    Usually about 5-7 working days, but there are faster ways of receiving them, such as air shipment. If you are in a rush, let us know and we will see what we can work out. Faster shipments do incur higher costs.

    How long will it take to make a inflatable unit that is not in stock?
    The regular bouncers take a day, but the slides take about a week with the big, complex units taking up to 3 weeks. How long it will take to make your units depends on how many orders are under construction at the time you place your order. Curently, production is running 20-25 days.


    What do I need to get started?
    In addition to purchasing an inflatable unit, you will need some additional equipment. A heavy-duty hand truck/dolly and a small trailer for your vehicle. A pick-up can be used but it can be tricky getting the equipment in and out. We also recommend sandbags and sandbag covers for anchoring the unit indoors and on concrete. It is a good idea to purchase extra heavy-duty extension cords. Click the link above for more detailed information.

    What if I find another company that has cheaper prices?
    Research has shown that there are plenty of less expensive inflatables in the market, but remember you get what you pay for. Our manufacturing facility has been family owned and operated since the beginning, over 9 years now. We are not a startup company with a sewing machine and a garage full of vinyl! We offer a durable, great-looking product that meets ASTM standards at a sharp price. You will not find an inflatable in the market today that compares in quality and price. See our construction features page for more information.


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