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Moonwalk Sales, Buy or Purchase a Moon Walk or Inflatable Slide from Hullaballoo

Get your Company listed in Party Jump USA - the Exclusive Party Directory!

Get More Rentals by Utilizing the Power of the Internet!

What is Party Jump USA - the Exclusive Party Directory all about?

Party Jump USA - the Exclusive Party Directory on the Hullaballoo Party Rentals website was started to fill a need. Customers who saw our website would e-mail and call us to ask who they could rent a moonwalk from in their area. In an attempt to be helpful, we started to compile a list of all the moonwalk rental companies we could find and the Directory was born.

Why get a listing?

Our directory is highly ranked in the search engines. Party Jump USA gets over 5000 page views a month and growing. We get many e-mails from members of the directory telling us how much business it has attracted for them.

A listing in our directory can also help your site get found and indexed in the search engines. Our popular pages are crawled and updated often and the spiders follow the links from our pages to yours.

How much does it cost?

Current rates are:
  • $10 a month or $100 annually if you link back to the directory.
  • $15 a month or $150 annually if you prefer not to link back to the directory or if you don't have a website.
  • $25 a month or $250 annually if you are a manufacturer or reseller of inflatables, even if you have separate sites for sales and rentals.

Why is it cheaper if we link to the directory?

Linking to the directory helps other customers and companies find the directory and helps us reach more people.

I'm happy to link to you- How do I do it?

Great! We apppreciate it. You can use a simple text link.

Text Link

Just copy and paste the code above into your HTML code. You are welcome to make the text blue, red, big, small, or however else you want to format it to match your page.

Now, how do I get listed?

Click over to the Party Jump USA Directory and find your state or region of the world. On the page you want to be listed on, click the Add Your URL link and fill out the form.

Can I cancel?

You can cancel at any time. However, be aware that there is a $50 relisting fee for companies that decide to rejoin the directory at a later date.

How do I get listed in those ads down the right side of the page?

Those are Google AdWords. To have your ad appear there, sign up for a Google AdWords account and bid on the term "moonwalk rental 'your state'". It is very important to make sure you do exact matching (with [] brackets) for that phrase or something similar so that your ad only shows up when someone is looking for a rental in your area. Your ad will show up on Google as well as our directory and other ad partners of Google's.

With Google AdWords, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad so you want to be as specific as possible.

See the Google AdWords site for more details. We are not affiliated with Google, although we do participate in their AdWords program.


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