Slides and Water Slides

If you are looking to add a quality Inflatable Slide or Water Slide, HullaBalloo Sales offers an excellent selection for you. Commercial slides are a unique way to add another stream of income to your Bounce House business. Having a more diverse inventory can also help differentiate your rental company from the competition. 

We offer Single Lane Slides, and Dual Lane Slides for double the fun. Our Slides can be used wet or dry, so they work great for any weather. Slides come in different heights, for smaller kids, there are shorter slides that are perfect, and we have taller slides with a 15’ to 20’ slide platform for teens to adults. All our slides are hot welded to reduce water inside the inflatable, which makes them lighter to move.

Slides & Water Slide Features: 

  • Non-Slip Climber 
  • Safety Labels 
  • Slide Lining is Detachable 
  • Water Mister System
  • Safety Netting at the Top of Slide
  • Inflatable Pool with Drain 
  • Multiple Zippers for Easy disinflation 

All of our Inflatable Slides and Water Slides are ASTM Compliant. They are made of fire retardant, high-quality, commercial vinyl. All Slides and Water Slides are 100% lead-free. 

Our great value-priced slides and water slides will surpass the everyday wear and tear compared to competitors’ products. If you are in the market for exceptionally priced slides and water slides, HullaBalloo Sales is the perfect place for your party rental company. HullaBalloo’s quality slides and water slides are noticeably different in price compared to other manufacturers. 

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