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Getting Started with a Moonwalk Rental Business

Would you like to start your own moonwalk rental business? Where do you begin?

At Hullaballoo Moonwalk Sales, we understand how hard it is to get started and how overwhelming the tasks can be. This section is an overview of things you need to get your small business started the right way.

Please note that the information provided here is not a definititive guide but merely an outline to get you thinking about the details of running your business. We strongly recommend you consult an attorney in your area that specializes in small business or a SCORE member to be sure you have met the requirements for your state, city, and locality.

Step 1:

Create a Business Plan.

Your roadmap for where you want to go with your moonwalk rental business and how you plan to get there.

Step 2:

Create a Marketing Plan.

How is your market going to know that you exist? You can do a number of marketing activities for your moonwalk rental business that cost nothing.

Step 3:

Order your Equipment.

What will you need to get started? Click here for suggestions on how to pick your equipment and a few other things you might need.

Step 4:

Register your Moonwalk Rental Business.

What do you need to do to be an official business.

Step 5:

Business Basics

Things to think about like a phone number and keeping track of expenses and income.

Step 6:

Taking Reservations

How are you going to track all of your rentals?

Step 7:

Basic Moonwalk How To's.

Setup, takedown, and operating instructions.

Step 8:

Equipment Maintenance.

Cleaning and safety checks.

Step 9:

Keep Marketing.

Time for a review and changes

Step 10:

Plan for growth.

When to think about buying more equipment.


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