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Taking Reservations

Tracking your events


Many people use a paper calendar to track their rentals. Since you will be busiest on the weekends, you may simply want to have a sheet of paper to record the details for each rental, placed in a binder in order of date.

Outlook's calendar makes a good tool for tracking rentals on multiple units since you can see the graph showing the times for each rental blocked out. Whatever you choose, make sure it is easy to use and you keep it up to date. We will be introducing rental software in the spring of 2003- if you would like to be notified when it is available, fill out our contact form.


When taking a reservation, you will need the following information:
Responsible Party Name
Phone Number
Mailing Address
Event Time
Event Location
Event Day Phone Number
Type of Surface
Is there an electrical outlet within 50' ?
Is the area level and free of obstructions?
How did you hear about us?
Deposit Requested
Balance Due
Reservation Date

Be sure to be clear about when they can expect setup and takedown windows and whether those are fixed times or depend on the schedule for the day. Review your weather and refund policies and find out if they have any other questions.

If you mail our rental agreements, be sure to do it promptly. Parents and event coordinators start to worry if they don't receive the paperwork from you quickly. Your rental agreement mailer is a great vehicle to do addtional marketing! Add a cover page that features all of your units or other rental or sale products.

Be sure to follow up on returned rental agreements and deposits due. Some people will simply not return the agreement but still expect you to show up, while others feel that they didn't have to cancel since they never returned the agreement in the first place.


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