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Taking Down a Moonwalk

Step 1: Inspect & Clean

If your unit has been deflated, plug it back in and let it inflate. Do a quick walk around the outside and check for any damage or unusual dirt or debris. Then climb inside and inspect the inside while you clean.
Grab your broom! Even if the unit was set up inside, you may find things that have fallen out of pockets or stray buttons. If it was outside, there is probably grass or mulch inside. Sweep along the stripes on the floor, pushing debris out the vent holes in the corners of the unit. Sweep out debris
Time to vacuum! Using a handheld vaccuum will clean out those hard to reach crevices where the floor is seamed together. A quick run-through with the vaccuum will keep gunk from building up in the seams. A crevice tool is a good accessory to use, too. Vaccuum out the crevices

Step 2: Deflate & Unsecure

Make sure everything is out of the unit before you turn it off.
Turn off the blower and unhook the straps that secure the blower tube to the blower. Remove the blower from the unit
Unhook the straps on the other blower tube to allow air to escape. Open blower tubes to allow air out
Pull up the stakes all around the unit or unhook sandbags and pack them up. Remove the stakes
Walk (in sock feet) from front to back on the unit, moving any remaining air toward the blower tubes. Walk on unit to remove air
The unit is deflated and ready to be rolled up. Deflated inflatable unit

Step 3: Folding

A good fold is critical to keeping the unit in good shape during storage and for making the unit easier to handle.
Fold the sides in to the center, flattening them out as much as possible. Fold the sides in to the center
Now, take the top back corner and fold it back out to the side of the unit. What we are doing is flattening out the back section. Fold the back corners out
Grab the other top back corner from the other wall and pull it back over to the side to completely flatten the back of the unit. The back of the unit is now flat
We are going to do the same thing to the front. If there is a decorative element on the front of the unit, pull it straight back. (Giraffe head shown in example) Pull back on front of unit
Pull back the corners on each side of the front to flatten it. Lay the front section flat
Fold in the base of the unit all the way around Fold the base walls in
Fold the safety step in. Fold the safety step in
Now fold one side in to the middle. Fold the first side in
Now fold the other side over the first side Fold the other side in
Folding is complete! You are ready to roll. Folded and ready to roll

Step 4: Rolling

The last step: A tight roll will be much easier to handle. This will get easier the more you do it.
Start your roll from the front of the unit. Roll it up just like a sleeping bag. Grasp the end tightly and fold it in, then push and roll it. See a short .mpg movie on starting the roll. Rolling the moonwalk
Keep pushing and flattening the roll as you go. It helps to have someone walk on the roll right in front of you. Rolling the moon walk
The center of the roll is the hardest because that is where the bulk of the material is. You will have to really push on this section to get it to roll up. Rolling the center of the moon walk is the hardest part
At the end of the roll, the blower tubes will be the on the outside. This will help you decide how to position the unit the next time you set it up. All rolled up
Slide the straps under the unit. Slide the straps under the unit
Run the end of the straps through the D-rings on the other end of the straps and pull tight. Tighten straps
Loop the end of the strap around and tie in a slip knot. Tie a knot in the strap
Tip the unit up onto the end of the roll. Stand the unit up on it's side
Place the hand truck under the unit. Sile the hand truck under the roll
Whew! You are finished! Ready to pack up and move on. Ready to pack up.


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