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Equipment Maintenance

Cleaning and Maintenance

Every Rental

You should be cleaning your inflatable unit before and after every rental. This may be as brief as a quick spot cleaning and sweeping but it only takes a few extra minutes and gives you the opportunity to inspect the unit for wear or damage.

Keep a broom and possibly a small vaccuum as well as a soft cloth and cleaner in your vehicle while delivering the inflatable. This should be part of your routine.


There will be grass in your unit and possibly dirt or mud. (A small carpet in front of the unit will help cut down on the debris). Don't worry too much about the mess as it is easy to clean out. You definitely want to get it out before rolling up the unit so that it doesn't work it's way into the seams.

Blacktop and Hard Surfaces

Just because there is no grass around, don't think you can skip a cleaning. Look for loose articles in the unit (band-aids are pretty common) and give it a quick disinfecting spray so that it is ready for next time. Check the underside as you fold and roll the unit for scuffs or tears that are more like to occur on hard outdoor surfaces.

Rain and Water

If it looks like rain, you may want to cancel the event! Dealing with a wet inflatable is a lot of work and requires additional cleaning.

If the rain is light or has stopped by the time you arrive to pick up the inflatable, re-inflate the unit and wipe it down with a towel. If you have a zippered opening on your unit, open it partway to let the damp air blow out. If you don't have a zippered opening, loosen the strap on the other blower tube to let the damp air out.

Once you have taken it back to your place of business, make every attempt to reinflate the unit as soon as possible and let the blower run for a few hours to fully dry the unit. Water will not damage the inflatable as it is made up almost entirely of synthetic materials but the inside of the base will get mildewed and the smell is hard to get rid of. If you do get a mildewed smell, try spraying Lysol or some other disinfecting cleaner in the blower tube before inflating the unit.

Silly String

Make sure your client knows NOT to use any form of silly string or other aerosol string around your unit. (On Hullaballoo units, the cryptic message "No Spray" on the safety sign refers to these aerosol play string products.)


Inspection and Deep Cleaning

Schedule a time once a month to set each unit up and go over it in detail. Check the underside for weak spots or scuffs and apply patches as needed.

You may want to ask a client if they mind if you set up the unit early and do your deep-cleaning there so that you don't have to put the unit up and take it down just for cleaning. Most clients will appreciate knowing they are getting a freshly cleaned unit.

Blow the unit up, then deflate it and check the roof. Spray an all-purpose cleaner (See notes on cleaning solutions in the next section) and wipe it down.

Spray Lysol or other disinfecting cleaner in the blower tube so that it can help keep the inside clean. Re-inflate the unit and work your way from one side of the entrance all the way around the unit, spraying down and wiping as much of the unit as possible. You may want to bring a stepladder so that you can reach the higher sections. Climb inside the unit and do the same thing.

Spray Lysol or some other disinfecting cleaner on all areas that come into contact with kids. Don't forget the pillars in the corners and kids tend to bump into these face-first.


There is no hard and fast rule on cleaners to use. The most important thing is to read the label. Don't use bathroom cleaners or any cleaner that warns "Do not use on soft vinyl". Don't use an abrasive cleaner.

Remember that a lot of children are going to come into very close contact with the bouncing part of your unit so be sure to use a cleaner that is non-toxic and safe.

Auto vinyl cleaners are fine as long as they don't leave a residue or slick surface. Always test a new cleaner on a scrap from your repair kit before putting it on your unit.


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