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Moonwalk Sales, Buy or Purchase a Moon Walk or Inflatable Slide from Hullaballoo

Why Start a Home Based Business

Increase Your Income

Start a jumper rental business to increase your regular income, working mostly weekends.

Work Part Time

Spend more time with your family! This is a great home based business for parents.

Replace Income

In today's economy, many people are looking for a new job. An inflatable bounce house rental business can help bridge the gap between careers or become a new career.

Why Inflatables are a Good Choice for a Home Base Business

Low Initial Investment

Compare costs with other home based businesses and you will find that a moon bounce rental business is very reasonable.

Return on Investment

Depending on how often you rent and how much of each rental goes towards paying off your equipment, a typical bouncer can pay for itself in a single seasons. Remember to factor in other costs, such as liability insurance, marketing, and vehicle costs.

Set Your Own Hours!

Work as much or as little as you choose! The key to this business is marketing and getting your name in front of families. You can wait for your business to spread via word of mouth or be agressive in your marketing strategies.

Recession Proof

For the most part, this business is recession proof. People still have parties and reunions even when the economy is down. Often, they want their event to be especially memorable. That's where a bounce house comes in!

You can also adjust your prices to keep your equipment rented, if need be. Rental rates are different around the country and can change quickly.

Why Buy Jumpers from Hullaballoo Sales

We Want to Help Your Home Business Succeed

After all, as your home business expands, you will need more equipment. We hope you will come back to use! We are happy to give you advice on starting up or expanding.

Best Quality, Lowest Prices

Our bouncing castles are made in America of American and Canadian materials, including our blowers. There may be lower prices out there, but we guarantee the quality of our jump houses to be equal to the most expensive.

How We Help You Get Started

Sample Rental Agreement

We will provide you with a rental agreement that you can add your name and logo to for use with your customers.

Sample Policies and Operating Instructions

We give you template documents regarding operations and safety that you may add your name and logo to in order to ensure that your customers are aware of your policies. You can modify these documents to fit your insurance companies' specifications and your own operating policies.

Business Plan

Check out our step-by-step simple business plan to help you think through the financial aspect and details of starting your own home based business. When you purchase your units from us, you will receive templates for creating your own plan.

Marketing Tips

We provide you with strategies that can be modified for any budget, competitive environment, or growth plan.

General Advice

Taking an inflatable down, storage, cleaning, etc.


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