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BubbleMill Bubble Machine

BubbleMill Bubble Machine for Sale or Rent

Mighty Bubble Wonder

This little machine makes a great add-on rental product. The BubbleMill Bubble Machine is fun and bright but this is no toy! At only 12" x 8" x 9", this little bubble machine can fit anywhere. It blows out thousands of big bubbles per hour using safe air-operated (as opposed to gear-driven) technology. The BubbleMill runs on standard AC electrical current and is UL listed.

Great for Rentals

It can easily pay for itself in 2-4 rentals. Great for children's parties, festivals, carnivals and weddings, it is simple to operate and use. Just pour in any bubble solution and plug it in. It works quietly and efficiently, blowing out tons of bubbles.

The BubbleMill bubble machine is so inexpensive, we use them in our rental business as promotional items (This month receive a FREE bubble machine rental) and often take one along on a setup to keep the kids entertained while we get their equipment set up. The more children see the bubble machine, the more we sell and rent them!

Not Your Average Bubble Machine

This bubble machine is different from others you may have seen or used. Many bubble machines are motor and gear-driven and put out a stream of small bubbles that quickly pile up and make a mess. The BubbleMill uses a patented air-driven technology that is both safer and steadier than the gear mechanisms found on cheaper machines. The stream of bubbles that are created are very similar to the ones you would blow yourself. They are big and float around freely instead of clumping and building into a foam on the floor. The legs on the bubble machine are designed to allow air to blow under the machine and give lift to the bubbles as they are created. This machine may look like a toy, but it is an innovative tool that will create a festive atmosphere at any party or special event.

The BubbleMill Bubble Machine is $39.95 plus shipping.

Rent or sell BubbleMill Bubble Machines

For those companies with multiple rentals or those who wish to sell the BubbleMill in addition to renting it, buy in bulk and save!

4 or more BubbleMill Bubble Machines are $34.95 each plus shipping.
9 or more BubbleMill Bubble Machines are just $29.95 each plus shipping.
We accept Mastercard and Visa as well as check payments. Shipping is by US Priority Mail and typically runs about $6.50 for a single machine.

Contact us with any questions!

Already have a BubbleMill? Read the BubbleMill Instructions here.

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